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Name:Good RPers Sock
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Community Rules
1) Do not post heated social and political topics to this community. These kinds of posts will be frozen and subsequent threads will be deleted.

2) Do not post pornographic or shocking images. These posts will be deleted.

3) Do not share private communities, entries, plurks, chat logs, etc. These posts will be deleted.

4) Do not harass or bully others, do not name-drop or otherwise give away information of anyone's online or offline identities. This also means no "kill yourself"s or the like. This community is not for wank. You may post or reply from your own personal or a character journal; sock journals are optional. Threads violating this rule will be frozen and may be deleted, and you will be at risk of being banned.

5) Use content warnings for potentially upsetting or triggering material. (This means putting the content warning and what it refers to in the header of your comment.) Common triggers include but are not limited to rape/sexual assault, child abuse/pedophilia, suicide and self injury. Comments that are not properly warned for are at risk for deletion.

6) No hate speech, trolling, or spamming. Intentionally derailing threads with spam/slurs/etc. will not be tolerated. These posts are always at risk for deletion if they obstruct constructive conversation in the community.

7) Please do not treat this community as your personal plurk or twitter, or treat the community as your personal therapist. There are better places for these activities.

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